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Coloured signs for cultivation:
tolerate frost if couvered,
no frost

Prices in €,  size of  plants: 
1y = 1 year out of flask,  2y = 2 year out of flask ,
  F = Flowersize

Pleione species and natural hybrids
albiflora Burma, only few plants available Pf 1y 10,-
aurita large pink flowers Pt F   20,-
bulbocodioides mixed types Pt F   8,-
formosana alba   P F   10,-
forestii brilliant yellow flowers Pf F   25,-
forestii var. from Vietnam, flowers smaller and sepals sometimes red flashed Pf F   45,-
grandiflora unsorted Pt F   15,-
grandiflora rose (=Pleione x barbarae ) Pt F   25,-
grandiflora colourful type with yellow parts on lip, maybe natural hybrid Pt F   30,-
grandiflora white selected   Pt 1y 3,-
hookeriana colourful flowers P F   25,-
humilis   Pf F   30,-
kaatiae   Pt 2y 10,-
limprichtii hardy in central europe Pt F   7,-
limprichtii dark red coloured Pt F  15,-
maculata several years cultivated Pf F   30,-
pleionoides (syn. Pl. speciosa) P F   8,-
praecox flowering in autumn P F  20,-
saxicola fine pink-red flowers, flowering late summer - autumn P F  50,-
scopulorum white- pink flowers Ps F   50,-
artifical Pleione Hybrids
Brigadoon = pleionoides x ( x confusa, large flowering ) P F   8,-
confusa x forestii   P 2y 10,-
coronaria x grandiflora   P 2y 10,-
forestii x albiflora   P 2y 10,-
grandiflora Nr 9 light pink   P 2y 10,-
grandiflora red Nr.5 x ?   P 2y 10,-
grandiflora yellow x ( forestii x humilis )   P 2y 10,-
grandiflora x albiflora   P 2y 10,-
hookeriana sinensis   P 2y 10,-
( humilis x forestii ) x grandiflora yellow   Pf 2y 10,-
lagenaria x praecox   Pf 2y 10,-
limprichtii x coronaria   P 2y 10,-
praecox x saxicola   P 2y 10,-
speciosa x aurita   P 2y 10,-
Zeus weinstein x confusa   P 2y 10,-
Zeus Weinstein"Desert sands" x ?   P 2y 10,-
Vesuvius   bulbocoides x confusa, unsorted  P   F   15,-
winter flowering hybrids
special offers
Mix of fine Pleione hybrids price 1 bulb:   F   4,-
Mix of Pleione natural species price 1 bulb:   F   5,-
Mix of pretty hybrids price for 100 Bulbilles   1y 10,-
Mix of formosana clones price for 100 Bulbilles   1y  8,-
Mix of natural species price for 100 Bulbilles   1y  25,-
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P: ( Pleione )
Most species are growing on well drained rock surfaces in moss or epiphytic in semishade. As with other asian and eastern African species plants rhythm is following monsoon climate: Dry and cool winters,  more or less hot summers with much rain . So they need much water in summer and should be dry and cool in winter. Compost: very well drained mixes of pumice gravel, perlite and some bark for epiphytes and pine needles at surface. They like a good fertilization during vegetative period. Beginning of watering in spring should be done carefully. Also a mix of pineneedles and moss (Pleurozium schreberi, common in pine forests ) works well.

Pf: Pleione forestii,  maculata and x lagenaria are better growing  in living sphagnum moss.

Pt :terrestrial growing Pleione like grandiflora, limprichtii, bulbocodioides,
yunnanensis, scopulorum and their hybrids are also growing in limestone beds, couvered with moss.

Ps: scopulorum is best growing in mineral soils with limestone.